Just a quick thanks for visiting my site! Hi, i’m Dilly Willy. Here is a little about me personally:

  • I have lived in Canada, USA, Israel, Thailand, Mexico and Spain.
  • I speak English, Spanish, Hebrew, and some French.
  • Traveling is important to me, I am always on the move.
  • My favorite food is Thai green curry.

Now for my professional history:

  • I started working in web design and development at the age of 16.
  • I have been working in SEO for the last 4 years.
  • I have worked in medium sized companies, startups, and, as a consultant.
  • I am a full stack Django developer, but I prefer to work in WordPress.

Dilly Willy web design is a personal project of mine that started with the idea of building a business whose core values are honesty and transparency. The truth is very important to me, so in running this business I have always kept it in mind.

The Truth About Web Design

The truth about web design, especially in WordPress, is that it is not as complicated as everyone makes it seem. Yes, it can be tedious and annoying, but it is not something that you need to get a degree to understand.

Any business owner can learn to run their own website. But, big agencies don’t want you to believe this. This is because if everyone’s mentality shifts, then a lot of agencies, will lose money. Part of these agencies’ business depends on the fact that people believe they can’t build a website, or they need to know how to code, and that they can’t learn how to code. These ideas are just simply untrue. Remember ratatouille? Anyone, can cook!

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