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It’s time for your website to look good when you look at it using your iPhone, smartphone, iPad or other mobile device. You also need to make sure that you use an affordable web design and development services company. You’ve finally reached the right place! You might just be on the hunt for some general information, or are specifically searching for a company to handle your responsive web design services I encourage you to continue reading, and consider using Dilly Willy Web Design! Contact us at 516-644-1352 today. We are the best web design and development company.

Responsive Web Design Is A Must!

Responsive web design is absolutely necessary, there isn’t really a choice anymore. Responsive web design is the standard, you just cannot create a desktop site without a mobile site to match. Mobile users have become the vast majority of users. When you create a website, especially if you’re running a local business, the vast majority of your users will be on mobile and that means your site needs to be optimized for mobile. For those that aren’t aware, when we say responsive design is an approach to creation of web pages that makes the most of utilizing:

  • Flexible layouts
  • Flexible images
  • Cascading style sheet media queries

The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. We are skilled at the best responsive web design services available on the web.

Responsive Web Design Optimization

A site that is optimized for mobile considers things like page speed, numbers of columns and rows, overflow, how the layout will change for different devices, image optimization, and more. In the most recent webmaster talk by John Mueller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, the search engine is rewarding sites that take into account mobile first web design. These are all things that are very important because the mobile design of your site can be drastically different from the desktop design so a mobile-first approach, or at the very least an approach that includes accommodation for mobile users is vital.

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The Importance Of Responsive Web Design

Another reason why it’s extremely important to consider responsive mobile design is because mobile users are less prone to convert on first visit than desktop users. If you make a landing page, the conversion rate on desktop is typically higher than the conversion rate on mobile. This is due to many factors including users browsing while traveling, browsing while multitasking, etc. If you want your mobile pages to convert properly, you need to have a stellar mobile design which can only be achieved by a web design and development company with excellent responsive web design services.

Use the Best Responsive Web Design Services Available

If you think you are ready to begin I encourage you to add a web design package to your cart and begin the process of working with me! Don”t worry, at Dilly Willy Web Design Services make sure to look at our 100% money back guarantee! (before work begins). We are by far the best responsive website designing company on the web!

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