My point is the same with Women’s day (Women vs Men), as it was with Occupy Wall-street (Working class vs Wealthy), as it was with Black Lives Matter (Black vs White) as it is with Antifa, and neo-nazis, The point is: The oppression of a group is only a symptom of the real problem. The real problem is lack of sovereignty for every individual in that group, and in ANY group.

The obsession that everyone currently has with the groups that they belong to is unhealthy, and as far as I can tell is an expression of “I support this, because the oppression I see happening to this group could happen to me.” Instead of a genuine expression of sympathy for the group itself. Its about you. But that is not the point.

As a preface:

No rational (or even irrational) person would disagree that the oppression of any group is an atrocity. But the common problem in the oppression of groups, whether by race, gender, religion, is the failure of society to allow the INDIVIDUAL to be in control of their life, and their destiny.

Looking at life in terms of groups is the wrong way to see the world because:

  1. It pits groups against each-other in an oppressed vs oppressor narrative.
  2. It creates group pride, group victimization, and group guilt, diffusion of responsibility, etc.
  3. Groupings are shallow and arbitrary, for example: why stop at women? Why not compare black, white, and asian women? why not asian women that are single mothers that have 2 kids vs white women with type 2 diabetes? Its all arbitrary. The ways that you can separate people into groups are infinite but they all share one thing. THE INDIVIDUAL.
  4. History has shown us that identification and supplication to the group, and denial of individual sovereignty leads to death and war, evil and genocide.

So Why Women’s Day

I fundamentally disagree with the group identity being the important part of this celebration.
I was raised to believe that you should treat everyone equally, and that hopefully one day we can all see each-other as equal, because we are all born, all created, equal. But being fixated on a group or individual for celebration (in this case ‘Women’) doesn’t make me hopeful that we can ever transcend group identification and be seen as just people. What I see is a bunch of groups trying to prove how they are more oppressed than other groups. The thing they are missing is that any and all groups can prove they are oppressed, but the real problem in the end is: the individuals in any and every group not having control over their lives.


The group being “women” today is arbitrary.
Any and all groups can have a day but its all the same thing.
Every individual needs to be free to control their life.
If you put the group before the individual, you risk guilt by association, you risk supplication of the individual to group-think and mob-mentality, diffusion of responsibility, which inevitably lead to war and atrocity.

Every individual has the potential to be a link in the chain that creates either heaven or hell, and every moral choice that any individual makes brings all of humanity closer to heaven, and every supplication, every failure to tell the truth, every wrong choice, leads all of humanity closer to hell. Individual over all, because every individual has the power to improve or utterly destroy the world.

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