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If you are looking for a professional and affordable WordPress website design company your best bet is right here, Dilly Willy Web Design. I’ve been working in WordPress web design for over 5 years now, and much of the work that I’ve done in my field has been in WordPress. WordPress web design is very different from your standard web design, so its need to be treated differently! If you want to improve your web design in WordPress I encourage you to continue reading. Thanks for visiting Dilly Willy Web Design.

1. When You’re Out Of Ideas, Stick With Tried and True Designs!

There is nothing wrong with following a typical layout once in a while! You can waste hours and hours of time trying to be experimental, and end up with nothing. One thing that you might find annoying while working with WordPress website is that they take a long time to design, and to implement, because the web builders are a little clunky. The WordPress web design tools and builders are typically a little buggy, and generally run slowly, so to save time and aggravation you want to stick with simple tried-and-true layouts.

The Grid Layout

When you’re having a lot of trouble trying to figure out what the layout for your section should be, here’s a simple fall back: divide the section into two columns. In the first column, add your heading and your text. Then set the two columns to equal height, and set the background of your second column to a relevant image to the information in first column. So you have the text on one side, and image to the other side. Make sure that your section stretches out to full width and then in the next section, copy that same layout but reverse the columns left or right to achieve an almost checkerboard effect. This is a typical layout that will always look good. Learn how to use it effectively!

2. Don’t Forget The Page Speed of Your WordPress Web Design

Another pro tip for your WordPress web design is to always consider page speed. One problem with WordPress websites and themes is that they are usually clunky and slow, and that means lower conversions, and worse user experience. Every time you add a theme to your WordPress installation, make sure to run it through a page speed tester and see how it compares to an empty WordPress installation. If it’s extremely slow, you might want to get a refund on the theme because nobody is going to use that website! The statistics on bounce rate show that after three seconds of loading, your website’s bounce rate increases by more than 100%, that means double the number of users that you would’ve lost, you have now lost.

3. Get Approval On Your Designs Before You Waste Your Time on WordPress Web Design

One more pro tip! You can spend tons of time and effort on a design, hand it over to the client, and wow! They hate it! What you like, is not what everyone likes. Remember this because it will save you valuable time. Your taste is not the same as everyone else’s, so always get approval on your designs early, and follow up with your clients to make sure that you’re on the right track. This will save you tons of time, effort and frustration.

Dilly Willy Web Design Services

If you are looking for an affordable WordPress web design package , and think you are ready to begin I encourage you to add a web design package to your cart and begin the process of working with me! Don’t worry, you purchase is comes with a 100% money back guarantee! (before work begins).

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