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Thank you for visiting Dilly Willy Web Design! My goal here is to be an honest, transparent, and affordable WordPress website design company. I appreciate your time, and encourage you to continue reading on as I explain what I can offer to you, your business, your art, etc.

Why Make A Website For Your Business

Why should you make a website with a WordPress design company? One reason is that a WordPress website is an amazing tool for local businesses to find new opportunities, and expand quickly. You can set up a WordPress website within a week or two, and start selling your products and services internationally, while you grow your client base exponentially. So the first reason you should make a WordPress site is the quick access to new markets, new customers, and even new products.

Another reason: When you make a website you get access to all sorts of new and interesting ways to market yourself, your product, and your business. With your own website you are able to take advantage of:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Youtube Ads (Search Engine Marketing)

These marketing channels can bring in a lot of revenue, and increase your company’s exposure online. Without a website and a great landing page, taking advantage of the benefit of those marketing tools just isn’t there.

To be completely honest, WordPress websites are excellent for this purpose and also consistently much better on the search engines when compared to other website design platforms like Shopify, Weebly, or Wix.

A Website Design Company For Artists

Maybe you’re less interested in selling things, and you really just want a place to give your opinion, write about the things that interest you, display your portfolio / your art / your creations and share them with the world. A well designed WordPress website is a perfect place to share. Not only can you display whatever you want to the world, but you can also:

  • Develop a fanbase
  • Generate email lists
  • Prepare to start distributing your creations

Work with Dilly Willy WordPress Design Company

You should work with me because I’m going to be completely honest with you about everything that goes on with your website. One issue that can come up when you’re working with a big firm is that they can purposely mislead you when it comes to the management of your site. Part of the bigger firm’s business model can include intentionally setting up roadblocks and obstacles for you. They purposely limit your ability to do things on your website so that you have to continuously come back to them and keep paying them loads of money every month just to make changes to your site that you could do on your own. That’s not what I’m about at all. I hold truth and transparency as the core values of my business.

A Fair Website Design Price

Aside from that, I’m also giving you what I believe to be the fairest price that you can possibly get for this kind of website. Nobody else will give you a website, hosting, and a domain, all for $1599. Nobody does it and if you can find a couple people that do, they usually come with a set of problems of their own. For example: developers with poor language skills, management in a different time zone, poor communication skills, mistakes in written language, etc. These developers might be excellent at developing websites, and writing code, but typically the results that you get working with these lower end firms aren’t stellar.

When You Work With Me, You Work With Me

I personally work on every single website design. I don’t hand off my design work to foreign contractors or freelancers. When you work with me, you work with me! I’ve been working in web design since I was 15 years old. I’m a university graduate. I’ve worked at web design firms for the last 4 years and I have worked in search engine optimization for the last four years. I truly feel that the quality of my work, my experience, and my native tongue of English culminate in a value that is much higher than $1599.

What Is Included In The $1599 WordPress Website Design Package

Here’s what you can expect from working with me. I will deliver you a beautiful, functional, responsive website (up to 8 pages) that can include an eCommerce store, or portfolio. I will ensure that the website design looks beautiful on a desktop computer, and on mobile. In addition to the website, I’ll also throw in a domain name (if it’s less than $20 and available on Namecheap / Godaddy) and I will also throw free hosting for your website for the first month ($10 a month after that).

After our design company has completed your site,  I will happily give you a tour of the backend of the website, teach you how to modify your websites posts and products etc. You will know how to manage your website for yourself. Dilly Willy WordPress web design company aims to be as transparent as possible. At the same time we will give you all the tools you need to run your WordPress website the way it’s meant to be.

If you want to boost your traffic, I also offer completely optional SEM and SEO packages.

A Website Design From Nothing To Something

How do we go from your first inquiry to getting your site up live on the internet? The first step in the process is to purchase a website design package, which you can find at the bottom of this page (Don’t worry, if you change your mind before work begins on the homepage of your site, you can get a full refund). After your order is confirmed, I’ll send you an introductory word document to ask you questions about your business, yourself, your competitors, and about the kind of website that you want to build. from that information I’ll come up with a few template designs for your website, and I will send them over to you for approval.

Once you approve one of the website designs, I’ll begin my work on the homepage and then the rest of the pages that follow, BUT along the way I will need content! Website content is EXTREMELY important and I’ll need to get the wording for each of the pages in order to fill out the website correctly. You have a few options for generating content for your site: you can come up with this content on your own, I can improvise the content for you (and you can edit it later), or I can refer you to an affiliated content writing service that will write the content for you.

When the WordPress web design is complete and all of the content is filled in, your website is ready to launch! I’ll put the website up live on your domain, and I will add a an SSL certificate so your users know that your site is secure and that their sensitive information is encrypted and safe.

That’s it it’s that simple, after the website is done, you can still contact me with questions, for help, or if you want to learn how to manage your website as previously mentioned.

Payment and The Dilly Willy 100% Money Back Guarantee

Payment is made in full upfront. It needs to be this way because I have to cover the costs associated with making your website. But I Offer a 100% money back guarantee full refund If you change your mind before I begin working on the homepage of the website. That means that you have until the point where you approve of a design from the three templates that I send you, to change your mind and get a full refund. After that point work has already been done, and costs have already accrued, so I can only offer you a partial refund.

Work With Dilly Willy, a Top Rated WordPress Website Design Company.

You can start by adding the web design hosting and domain package to your cart below. All you have to do from there is continue through the checkout process, and once your order is complete you will receive an order confirmation, a personal email from me containing the informational word document that was mentioned above, an introduction, and a link to schedule a brief introductory phone call with you. From there on everything will continue as described above until your website is ready for launch. Take the opportunity to work with Dilly Willy WordPress Website Design Company today!

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